(Image credit: Jonathan Kim – If a student can’t write, all eyes turn to the English department. Whether it is a brief in an Art lesson or a write up of a science experiment, if the writing isn’t up to standard then those deemed responsible for creating perfect prose-producers feel the heat. There is major problem with this attitude: it is an over simplification of the job at hand. Teaching writing is a tricky business, so much so that after more than a decade as an English teacher I’m just about getting the hang of teaching it effectively. And that’s just the parts of writing for which I should be responsible. In truth, every subject leader has to take responsibility for teaching the writing that best fits their subject, be it evaluative writing in Science or the very different challenge of analytical writing in History. Each subject has its labyrinthine web of words and subtle generic structures. So to create good writers we cannot just

Source: Teaching Writing Isn’t Just for English Teachers