Etymology (noun) The study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. Etymology is often often considered the preserve of the English teacher. I would argue that it is a goldmine of an opportunity (too often missed) for teachers of every subject discipline. The stories that underpin our language can often illuminate the ideas and meanings we seek to communicate. Like a well chosen metaphor, they can make concrete an idea or a concept. This is not a token nod to literacy across the curriculum, but a recognition that a deep understanding of language is essential to a deep understanding of every subject disciple. If you think etymology is dull and the dusty preserve of linguistic academics, or weather-worn English teachers, then think again. Etymology can excite and inspire. Take a look at this article on ‘The Dirty Etymology of Nine Everyday Words’ here. We learn that vanilla derives from the latin roots of vagina. I was not told that in

Source: What is in a word? Etymology for Every Teacher