Yellow Box Methodology

Ross McGill - @teachingtoolkit Reading Time: 2 minutesHow can teachers reduce the day-to-day marking burden? One of the most useful strategies I’ve been championing for the past 3 or 4 years, is using the Yellow Box (originally from George Spencer Academy) to reduce teacher workload; to pinpoint key marking points for improvement. In this post I offer … Continue reading Yellow Box Methodology

#FiveWays of Giving Effective Feedback as Actions

Tom Sherrington NOTE To Teach First #TDC2018 Delegates: Slides available here: Teach First Marking If teachers are going to have a significant impact with the feedback they give, it needs to lead to improved outcomes for students. I am increasingly convinced that feedback needs to be constituted  less in terms of a review of what has … Continue reading #FiveWays of Giving Effective Feedback as Actions

Great Teaching: The Power of Questioning

By TOM SHERRINGTON  In my Learning Rainforest and Evidence-informed practice CPD sessions, a core element is a focus on the power of questioning.  In my view, good in-house CPD and feedback from lesson observation should put teachers’ capacity and confidence with questioning at the centre.  In my experience, great questioning is the hallmark of … Continue reading Great Teaching: The Power of Questioning