Chris Runeckles As with many teaching and learning tools, flashcards will be nothing new to most teachers.  Many of us (myself not included sadly) will have revised for our own exams with lovingly created decks of brightly coloured card.  Perhaps it is surprising then that there is not a huge volume of research regarding their effectiveness. Classic papers by Dunlosky, Rosenshine … Continue reading EFFECTIVE FLASHCARDS

Unwrapping the Mystery of Metacognition

Today the Education Endowment Foundation has released their latest guidance report on 'Metacognition and Self-regulation'. I have been delighted to be one of the co-writers of this exciting report, alongside Eleanor Stringer and Professor Daniel Muijs: I have also written a blog for the EEF on 'Making Sense of Metacognition' in which I explore the … Continue reading Unwrapping the Mystery of Metacognition